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Takojis Challenges Takoji's Challenges

Published : 2014-01-28 - 17:44:34

"Welcome Challengers, I’m Takoji and I like a good challenge. Life itself is a challenge; in fact, I CRAVE challenges!!! Why not share those challenges with people who enjoy them? My reason for making this channel comes from the struggles that I grew up with in school as a child with LD (commonly known as Learning Disabilities) such as ADHD and Dyslexia. My LD put me at a great disadvantage when it came to my education, so I was faced with many challenges and I never quite fit into the mold. However, these traits helped me process the way I thought about things visually and spatially, giving me an advantage when it came to developing creative ideas and putting things together. Comedy is commonly a form of entertainment that that comes from a struggle, or an unfortunate situation, so I hope to own the experiences I had growing up with LD, and incorporate that struggle into entertainment. JOIN US in our wacky adventures for new challenges! Icon art by"

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