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GO-VEGAN. People-Blogs 2015-10-05 - 14:42:05

"**EDIT** Just use SOIL or SAND. Dont use essential oils if you dont know which ones to use. Thanks for the helpful and supportive comments. Ahimsa. This is how I make my cat litter. I buy a big bag of wood pellets. The pellets are usually Cedar, and they only cost $5-10 for the whole bag. Next you will want to mix in some coarse sawdust. You can also put baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), in with the litter to help with the odor/smell. Thats it! Really simple, really cheap. It doesnt have any of the chemicals, dyes, or salts that other commercial cat litters may have. Please love and respect your pets. Peace. :COPY-RIGHT/COPY-CLAIM. :FOR THE CONTENT OF THE VIDEO-A-UDIO-I-MAGE-PICTURE IS WITH THE NO SALE-A-DVERTISING-COMMERCIAL; BY THE COMPANY-CORPORATION-RELIGION-VENUE-THIRD-PARTY-PARTNERSHIP-GOVERNMENT-STATE-PERSON. :FOR THE NO-CONSENT BY THIS E-XECUTOR ARE WITH THESE CONTRACT TERMS. :FOF THE A-VOIDANCE OF PURGERY NO VOIDANCE TO THESE TERMS-CONDITIONS. :PRIVATE."

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