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An Honest Talk | Feeling Lost And Stuck

Depression Talks With Immanuel People-Blogs 2018-07-10 - 01:36:59

"Do you feel lost in life? Not knowing what you want to do, or feel stuck? Trust me, youre not alone. Because of the everyday routine, I sometimes feel stuck. Even though I am making progress towards my goals, I can get unmotivated at times. A lot of people talk about, You gotta stay consistent. No excuses. Hard work. That is VERY TRUE. But nobody talks about how there are moments you feel tired, exhausted, and possibly unmotivated. Lately, I have been feeling the daily pressure of my schedule. Working my 9-5, working out, shooting and editing a video, going to meetings, building my website, study more on how to get better, and repeat. Just my full time job and YouTube alone, Im putting in AT LEAST 60-70 hours a week. Im not saying this to complain. Im simply saying, when youre working towards your goals, it can be hard. Youll get tired. And youre not alone in having moments you feel... worn out. But what keeps me going is this. Id rather work towards my goals and lay down. If Im working, at least theres the hope Ill succeed. If I do nothing... I know Ill never succeed. Youre not alone. Keep working. Break down that wall thats in your way. You got this. DONATE AT: This supports me and my passion for doing YouTube fulltime, but most importantly, it helps me continue to work on growing this caring and loving community. Let’s continue to show people that they are not alone in mental health! SUBSCRIBE to join this loving community: INSTAGRAM: @DepressionTalks 1 on 1 Coaching - Email: *SEND QUESTIONS TO ME THROUGH INSTAGRAM --------------------- More Helpful Videos --------------------- DEPRESSION TALKS & MOTIVATION: An Honest Talk | Feeling Lost and Stuck: Watch If You Don’t Love Yourself: When Times Are Tough | Remember This Quote: It’s Okay Not To Be Okay | A Quick Message: SELF IMPROVEMENT – PERSONAL GROWTH: Stop Wasting Time | Not Knowing What To Do: You Need To Hear This | Stop Making Excuses: Stop Playing The Victim In Your Life: What The Heck Am I Doing With My Life | Goal Setting: LIVE STREAMS - SUBSCRIBER Q&A | DIVING DEEPER: Depression Isn’t Always Obvious | Concealed Depression: Stop Being Sad | Sadness vs. Depression: Depression Is A Choice | Stop Complaining | My Response: Live Stream | Subscriber Hangout + Q&A: **Depression Talks With Immanuel is a YouTube community that I started to openly talk about depression, anxiety, and low self esteem. I am not a professional. I am just a person trying to help by speaking from my own experiences! Most importantly I want to help you, and others, know youre not alone. Stay swagalicious!**"

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