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TOP 5 24 HOUR FORT Challenge! | Overnight 24h Challenge (MoreJStu, JayStation, Uosof ahmadi,CARNAGE)

Extreme Trends Entertainment 2016-11-16 - 22:30:31

"24h Fort Challenge: Here is the top 5 24 hour fort challenges where youtubers try to stay overnight in a walmart, costco, school or mcdonalds without getting caught. These 24h overnight challenges are from morejstu, jatstation, uosof ahmadi and carnage. Original Videos: 24 HOUR TOILET PAPER FORT! | 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT In McDonalds Fort! | 24 HOUR CHALLENGE AT SCHOOL! (ALMOST GOT CAUGHT) Crazy 24 Hour Overnight Challenge In School | 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT FORT in TOYS R US! | 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT IN COSTCO !!! ⏰ FORT CHALLENGE 🚨 | ► 1) SUBSCRIBE! ► 2) Comment I SUBSCRIBED!!! ► 3) Follow Me Background music - Thank you for watching and make sure to subscribe for more top 5, top 10 videos! I hope you enjoyed these 24 hour fort challenge videos!"

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