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How to Clean Litter Robot Open Air

Prixie Pets Pets-Animals 2017-10-16 - 15:13:35

"How to clean your Litter Robot Open Air easy, in 20 minutes. This guide has step by step instructions works on all Litter Robots, not just the Open Air 3. Cleaning is recommend monthly to keep smelling fresh. SPECIAL - Get $25 off if you order through this link - Litter Robot Accessories - Full Litter Robot Open Air III Review, Setup and Operation - Get your own Litter Robot - Learn more about Litter Robot and accessories - Disclaimer – We earn money from recommending carefully picked products and services to our visitors with integrity. As pet lovers, we stand behind the PrixiePets Promise - - Thank you for your support! ******************************************************************* Talent/ Dog Groomer, Erica Nicole - Editing and Production - Audio - No Speed Limits in Heaven by Tangeray -"

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