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Cyclone Tube Tornado in a Bottle ~ Incredible Science

IncredibleScience Education 2013-08-04 - 07:36:27

"Subscribe!: Buy it Here: Find us on Facebook! Create your own tornado in a bottle! Attach the 2 Cyclone Tube to two 1 or 2 liter bottles, give it a whirl and watch it create a spinning vortex of water or any other liquid. Place food coloring in the water to give it a special effect. Great for weather lessons, air-water flow, and as a vortex demonstration. This hands-on science lesson is great for studying kinetic and potential energy as well as atmospheric conditions for a tornado vortex. Watch the swirling vortex form as one bottle drains into the other. Have fun and experiment by adding food coloring, lamp oil, little pieces of paper or confetti. Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: Learn all about the relationship between air pressure and water flow. As water flows down, air must flow up. Discuss kinetic and potential energy and discuss density and air pressure. Weather related lessons including the vortex of a tornado and what causes the twisting spiraling action. Can be used to learn about whirlpools as well."

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