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DIY lamp (flower ball) - learn how to make a paper lampshade/lantern by modular origami- EzyCraft

EzyCraft Howto-Style 2015-11-05 - 02:02:24

"Subscribe here: Support me via merch: In this DIY tutorial, I will show you how to make a lampshade/lantern with modular origami. By folding the module using normal colored copy papers, you can create a beautiful lamp. This lampshade is made out of 14 cm x 14 cm square papers. After completion, the flower ball is about 15 cm in diameter. For your safety, please use the low-energy or LED globe to keep the heat down. This modular origami model is developed by Tomoko Fuse. Please refer to her publication Unit origami Fantasy for more details. If you enjoy the video, please comment, like, share and subscribe if you have not done so. Visit us here: Google plus: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Music source - CC-BA-3.0 Artist: Kevin MacLeod - Montauk point, Luminous Rain, Porch Swing Days, Sapphire Isle and Rains Will Fall."

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