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NFDC presents FIVE BY FOUR (English) - Promo

CinemasofIndia Film-Animation 2013-07-11 - 12:23:54

"NFDC presents FIVE BY FOUR - Promo Buy official DVD of FIVE BY FOUR @ Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Five By Four is the story of five women. All smart, intelligent and very aware.The film is laid out like a novel; it has a prologue, main story and epilogue. The main story is broken into four small stories. While each story concentrates on individual characters, it also follows the lives of the girls. As each story flows into the next, each of the girls take turns at becoming the protagonist, while the others play a guest role. Director: Roopa Swaminathan Producer: NFDC & Doordarshan Cast: Carey Edwards, Divya Darshini, Eashwar, Hardeep Minhas, Preetha, Sapna, Sujata Panju, Usha, Venkat"

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