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Gyno Surgery With An Expert Doctor - Austin Gynecomastia Center

Westlake Plastic Surgery Center Education 2014-05-14 - 19:07:05

"Want your gynecomastia to go away and never come back? Lets talk. Dr. Caridi of Austin Gynecomastia Center demonstrates the techniques of liposuction and surgical removal of the tissue on a male gynecomastia patient. He explains the importance of using both techniques during the procedure to achieve optimal results and remove gynecomastia - permanently! See 100+ stories with photos of successful gynecomastia surgery by Dr. Caridi at the Austin Gynecomastia Center: In a small number of patients, gynecomastia can result in tenderness and pain, but it is a benign condition and is should not be mistaken for cancerous growth. Other than the humiliating physical appearance in men the real problem is the negative psychological consequence - gyno messes with your head. Ready to get moving on with the rest of your life free from gyno? Let us help you remove gyno in 34 hours: Gynecomastia refers to the appearance of female-like breasts in a man. The appearance can range from “puffy nipples” to full breast development, on one or both sides of the chest. This is usually accompanied by fullness under the arms and in the armpit area as well. The fullness can consist of mostly fat, fat and fibrous tissue (fibrofatty), fibrous and glandular tissue (fibroglandular) or mostly glandular tissue. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel :"

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