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Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Full Fight Highlights Recap

Boxing Now Sports 2018-10-07 - 05:12:40

"➨Watch tonights Canelo Fight for Free- Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov full fight highlights recap. Mcgregor vs Khabib opened up with Nurmagomedov taking Conor to the ground in the first round at UFC 229. Nurmagomedov highlights the round with a take down and grappling. Conor Mcgregor experienced the same in round 2 as Khabib kept Conor on the ground. Mcgregor was able to stand and throw strikes from the outside in Round 3 and won the round. Khabib rebounded in round 3 and kept Conor Mcgregor on the ground. Khabib was able to end the battle in the fourth round (4th round). After the match, Khabib jumped the octogon and jumped into the crowd. A crazy scene took place as the battle spilled into the stands and extended back into the octagon. MCGREGOR vs KHABIB - Conor McGregor suffered a spectacular loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in his long-awaited return to the UFC which ended in a sick brawl. A rematch was mooted by UFC pundits when the dust settled after the UFC 229 brawl. Talk of that has gathered pace after McGregor, taking to Twitter at 10.20am this morning, appeared to confirm that it was on the cards. He wrote: Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch. Earlier, Birtish MMA fighter John Maguire suggested there might be a more cynical motive behind the drama. Dont worry people it will all be forgotten about in a couple of weeks and then there will be a even bigger build-up for a rematch, he wrote. Conor McGregor hasnt pressed charges After being attacked in the octagon by friends of Khabib, McGregor has opted not to press charges. Dana White revealed: I saw one of Conors guys yelling at Khabib, Khabib ran and jumped over the octagon, went after him. Two of Khabibs guys got into the octagon, one guy hit Conor with some shots form behind, and thats it The way that works is Conor is one of the guys who was attacked. Conor refused to press charges. There were three guys from Khabibs team arrested, and they were released because Conor didnt want to press charges. Khabib has apologised and he hasnt been paid Nurmagomedov revealed: First of all I want to say sorry to Nevada Athletic Commission and second to Vegas. I know this is not my best side. Im a human being. But I dont understand how people can talk about how I jump on the cage. He talked about my religion, he talked about my country, he talked about my father. He came to Brooklyn and he broke bus, he almost killed a couple of people. What about this s***? What has happened? So... Khabib won, then leapt out the octagon to attack Bellator fighter Dillon Danis, one of McGregors closest allies in the camp, who trains jujitsu with him. At that moment, McGregor had his back to proceedings and was NOT involved. It was then when he was attacked from behind by two of Khabibs friends, who landed blows on McGregor when he wasnt looking. Danis was escorted out by police while UFC president Dana White refused to hand over the belt. Welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley, working on BT Sport, explained: It went into complete pandemonium. Khabib jumped out the octagon. He went after Conors team-mate Dillon. Then Khabibs coaches went after Conor after he was recovering from a loss. It was complete chaos. McGregor vs Khabib Live - 8:05am Khabib Nurmagomedov attended the post-fight press conference for all of two minutes. During his brief time speaking to the media, he questioned why so much is being made of his antics when McGregor talked badly about his father, his religion and attacked a bus at the UFC 223 media day. He did, however, apologise to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his fans for his actions, which could land him a lengthy suspension and a hefty fine. McGregor vs Khabib Live - 7:50am White says the brawl incident is one of the worst things hes ever seen during his time with the promotion. Hes also unsure if Khabib will be allowed to re-enter the country and has claimed his actions have ruined what shouldve been a career-defining victory. And, at this moment in time, he doesnt give a s**t how many pay-per-view buys the fight amassed. McGregor vs Khabib Live - 7:40am UFC chief White has admitted hes not sure if hell strip Nurmagomedov of the title following his actions in the melee. White also admits he currently isnt thinking about McGregors next move. Khabibs purse is being held by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. McGregor vs Khabib Live - 7:30am UFC president Dana White is here and is addressing the brawl which ensued moments after Nurmagomedovs successful title defence. Hes revealed that McGregor isnt pressing charges. основные моменты mcgregor vs khabib  ➨Instagram- ➨Twitter: ➨Website: ➨My Boxing Gear (Amazon Influencer Store): ➨Facebook:"

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