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See that before you begin the cluster pixel repair! BMW E39 E38 E53 detailed instruction guide

Best Pixel Repair Autos-Vehicles 2018-01-18 - 08:17:28

"Below is a list of the parts and tools we use personally in our facility: ✓Pixel Repair for BMW: ›Carbon cable - ›Silver Cable - ›LCD Display with silver cable attached - ›40w Soldering Iron with T-Tip - ›T-Tip for 30w Soldering Iron - ›Backlight Bulbs for the display - ›Pointer Motor for Fuel, Speedometer, RPM or Coolant temperature - ›Pointer Motor for MPG, L/100km or Oil Temperature - ✓Pixel Repair Parts for Audi: ›A4, A6, Allroad - ›TT - ✓Soldering equipment we personally use in our facility: ›Soldering station - ›Soldering tip - ›Desoldering tool - ›Fume extractor - ›Leaded solder - ›Power supply - ›Multimeter - Best Pixel Repair as an Amazon Associate earn from qualifying purchases. Please support the channel growing following this links."

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