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EX-Amish guy - answers to your questions - Part 1

Mr. Deleted - "EX-Amish Guy" Nonprofits-Activism 2008-04-06 - 04:03:42

" Twitter Talk: Answering some questions about the amish Hello, I do have some questions? I just want to understand things from a different point of view that the rest of America doesnt always here. I mean by no means any harm to you or your family or any Amish peoples! Recently in the news, there has been talk about puppy mills. How do Amish view the souls of animals? How do the Amish treat their live stock. How do the Amish deal with murders, pedophiles,thieves, and porn? OMG,wtf,... I know that is a loaded question.I know every society views things differently on different levels. I do want to say I do enjoy seeing your family around you when watching your videos! Family is very important and unconditional love! The warmest wishes and love to your family! -Peace Shop online:"

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