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【ENG SUB】盛唐幻夜 01 | An Oriental Odyssey 01(吴倩、郑业成、张雨剑、董琦主演)

华策影视官方频道 China Huace Film & TV Official Channel Film-Animation 2018-10-18 - 12:58:17

"更多独家热剧欢迎订阅/Subscribe now to watch more dramas: ►华策影视官方频道/HUACE OFFICIAL: ►華策FUN國際/HUACE GLOBAL: ►电视剧《盛唐幻夜》完整播放列表: ►An Oriental Odyssey Full Playlist: ►每日预告合集/Preview Playlist: ►花絮合集/Behind the Scenes Playlist: ►剧情简介: 盛唐洛阳,户部侍郎千金叶远安好打抱不平,在一起花魁被杀案中,误打误撞,结识了英勇的捕头赵澜之。两人携手破案 ,相识相知。远安从集市上救了一个身份神秘的失忆男子穆乐,收为家仆,岂料这个一根筋的男生对自己绝对忠诚,渐渐萌发爱恋痴念。在罗天洞、景王府等案件中,三人配合紧密,屡破奇案,并挫败了隐藏于这些案件背后的国师天桥夺取至宝九星念珠的阴谋。天桥之徒明慧郡主爱上澜之,以远安性命胁迫澜之成亲。远安倍感失落,赌气要嫁给穆乐,却被穆乐误会。穆乐伤心之余,发现自己竟是娑罗国落难王子,于是盗走刻有奇门异术的九星念珠,回国复仇,远安和赵澜之、明慧追踪而来,四人携手平定了祸乱,他们也因此找到了真爱所在。 ►Synopsis: Ye Yuanan, the daughter of the vice-minister of ministry of finance, encountered with the brave head constable, Zhao Lanzhi in a prostitute-killed case. They solve the case together and gradually fall in love. On the journey, Ye saves Mu Le, who lost his memories, from a bazaar. Then the stubborn Mu becomes Yes servant and is quite loyal to her. Afterwards, Ye, Zhao and Mu cooperate closely, trying hard to deal with special cases. Infanta Minghui, the disciple of the state master, Tianqiao, falls in love with Zhao Lanzhi and threatens him to marry her with her life. Besides the secret of Mu’s identity and the chaos to be conquered, the four also have to deal with the complex relationships between them. ■□更多追剧信息 欢迎关注华策社交网络页面■□ 华策影视Facebook: 华策影视Twitter: 华策影视Instagram: ■□更多华策热播剧集■□ 佟梦实、王秀竹《玄门大师》 吴倩、金泰焕《我的奇妙男友》 胡一天、沈月《致我们单纯的小美好》 欧阳震华、冯绍峰《天师钟馗》 陈楚河、陈意涵《流星蝴蝶剑》"

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