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fun. - Be Calm [AUDIO]

nettwerkbackstage Music 2009-08-04 - 03:46:11

"A new song from fun.s debut album Aim and Ignite which will be available 8.25.09. For more information go to LYRICS As I walk through the streets of my new city my back feeling much better, I suppose Ive reclaimed the use of my imagination for better or for worse, Ive yet to know but I always knew youd be the one to understand me, I guess thats why it took so long to get things right. Suddenly Im lost On my street On my block Oh why, Oh why Oh why havent you been there for me? Cant you see, Im losing my mind this time? This time its for real, I can see The tops of trees are turning red The beggars near bodegas grin at me I think they want something I close my eyes, I tell myself to breathe and be calm. Be calm. I know you feel like you are breaking down. I know that it gets so hard sometimes. Be calm. Im scared that everyone is out to get me. These days before you speak to me you pause. I always see you looking out your window. After all, you lost your band, you left your mom. Now every single crack, every penny that I pass, says I should either leave or pick it up But with every single buck Ive made Im saddled with bad luck that came the moment I was baptized or when I found out one day Im gonna die if only I could find my people or my place in life and when they come acarolin so loud, so bright, the theremin will lead us to a chorus where well all rejoice and sing a song that goes: Oh be calm. Be calm. I know you feel like you are breaking down. I know that it gets so hard sometimes, Be calm. Take it from me, Ive been there a thousand times. You hate your pulse because it thinks youre still alive and everythings wrong It just gets so hard sometimes Be calm. I dont remember much that night, Just walking, thinking fondly of you Thinking how the worst is yet to come When from that street corner came a song And I cant remember the man, The panhandler or his melody. The words exchanged had far exceeded any change Id given thee."

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