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WRAP Family, casket leave California for state funeral in capital

AP Archive News-Politics 2015-07-23 - 14:11:30

"(9 Jun 2004) POOL Simi Valley, California - 9 June 2004 1. Pan as casket is carried to hearse 2. Various views as Nancy Reagan and family members walk past casket 3. Pull back view of Nancy Reagan and family 4. Close up of Nancy Reagan 5. Mid view as hearse door is closed 6. Aerial shot of funeral cortage 7. Wide view of funeral cortage driving past fire trucks, with ladders up flying flags POOL Point Mugu Navy base - 9 June 2004 8. Wide and close-up of artillery guns being fired 9. Flags in front of hearse, presidential airplane in background 10. Close up of Nancy Reagan 11. Various views casket being loaded into aircraft 12. Close up of Nancy Reagan watching 13. Aircraft taking off APTN Washington, DC - 9 June 2004 14. Constitution Avenue on smoggy day with US and DC flags on lampposts 15. Close up no parking sign for State Funeral 16. Wide view of Capitol, fencing where people will line-up 17. Tilt down people waiting in line 18. Close up of people waiting 19. SOUNDBITE ( English) Carol Williams, from Chesterfield, Virginia: You know hes joking about jelly beans on his desk one day and years later the (Berlin) Wall is coming down. You know, how many presidents have had the opportunity to affect the lives of so many people that way. 20. Pull back from Capitol to people waiting 21. SOUNDBITE (English) Georgia Gaines, from North Carolina: Well I really love and respect President Reagan and we live in Greensborough, North Carolina and there is not many presidents I would do this for but I really admire him. 22. Tilt down view of Rotunda, preparations being made 23. Close up black material being put on stand 24. Police on steps of Capitol Hill 25. Various views people waiting on route STORYLINE: The body of former United States President Ronald Reagan, escorted by Nancy Reagan and his children, began its journey from California to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday for national memorial services. A Marine Corps band played Hail to the Chief as servicemen carried the flag-draped coffin from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where more than 100-thousand admirers had filed by during two days of viewing. With a simple ceremony, the coffin was placed in a hearse, which set out in a motorcade on the drive to the nearby Navy base at Point Mugu for a flight to Andrews Air Force Base near Washington DC aboard a presidential Boeing 747. From Andrews, the body was to be taken to the Capitol to lie in state until Fridays funeral at the National Cathedral. It will then be returned to California for burial at the presidential library that evening. More than 100-thousand admirers had filed past the former presidents coffin at the library in a steady stream of well-wishers that continued past nightfall on Tuesday. Reagan, the nations 40th chief executive, was 93 when he died on Saturday of pneumonia, as a complication of Alzheimers disease. His death revealed that the popularity of the former Republican president, California governor and movie actor remained strong despite his long absence from public life. In Washington, people already had begun arriving before dawn on Wednesday to wait in line to view Reagans casket at the Capitol Rotunda. Among them was Carol Williams, who said she stood in line for five hours to vote for Reagan in 1984 and on Wednesday drove more than two hours from her home in Chesterfield, Virginia. Officials say as many as 5-thousand people an hour could file past Reagans casket over the 34 hours of public viewing in the Capitol. After returning from the G-8 Summit in Georgia on Thursday evening, President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, plan to call on Mrs. Reagan. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:"

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