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We Bought an $1,800 MYSTERY Crate of Returns!

DOPE or NOPE Comedy 2018-11-08 - 20:50:01

"10 Gaming Gadgets That Will Let You Play FORTNITE ANYWHERE! ➡ We Bought a MYSTERY Crate of Returns! ➡ Today on DOPE or NOPE were unboxing another MYSTERY CRATE from! We have no idea what could be in these mystery boxes - they could be really cool and useful, they could be total trash, or none of them could even work! These mystery boxes were all Amazon returns, so we really have no idea what kind of gadgets will be found in here - lets hope for the best! 🙂 Subscribe to see more funny videos like this in the future! Vote On Upcoming Videos! Vote Now! ➡ Matthias Vlogs ➡ TWITTER ➡ INSTAGRAM ➡ Found a product youd like us to review? Post it on our subreddit! ➡ If you want to watch videos from Hi5 Studios, consider checking out these awesome videos by other channels in our network! Battle Universe ➡ Get Good Gaming ➡ REKT ➡ Fail Time ➡ Team Edge ➡"

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