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The Fall of BLEACH: How it Happened

Super Eyepatch Wolf People-Blogs 2016-08-20 - 13:55:48

"UPDATE/ CORRECTION: My assumptions about the Shonen Jump ranking system are inaccurate, I took this information from internet speculation combined with how the ranking is depicted in the Bakuman manga, the idea that Shonen Jumps chapter order is directly analogous to a series popularity is speculation when in actual fact it could be any number of things, but most likely the series that Jump wishes to promote (the reasons for which are not apparent).I did not know this when I originally made this video, if I did I would have either taken more care to frame the “ranking” data as speculation, or just used the declining sales of the manga instead. Also in an interview that came out roughly a year after this video was made, Tite Kubo stated two things 1) that he ended the series exactly the way he wanted, and 2) that he had a great relationship with Shonen Jump. I find both these statements a little odd, given the bizarre pacing of bleaches final chapters, as well as interviews he gave while working at jump (mentioned in this video), but those are just my opinions, and people should come to their own conclusions about them. For what it’s worth, I never had any idea this video would blow up and become what it did, I only had a few thousand followers when I uploaded it and never considered it would garner millions of views. I should have made these updates a long time ago, and I deeply regret that I did not. I apologize for the misinformation spread, and to the fans of bleach who feel I unfairly maligned their series they love. PATREON: Instagram: TWITTER: LFAB PODCAST: Rebecca Reynolds Tumblr: Rebecca Reynolds store : Raw numbers for weekly Shounen Jump rankings can be found here:"

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