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Housewife has a CRUSH on Tyler Joseph (Funniest Levitate reactions) Twenty One Pilots

PILLOW PILOTS Entertainment 2018-09-09 - 18:28:20

"SUBSCRIBE for 10/10 quality Twenty One Pilots meme videos -Follow me on Instagram @Pillow_pilotss &Twitter @PillowPilotss Uploading every wednesday & Sunday *Please do not dislike these people their videos. This is purely for entertainment and I actually kind of like some of their videos* Exclusive TRENCH merch bundles and more at Full Trench tracklist: 01) Jumpsuit 02) Levitate 03) Morph 04) My Blood 05) Chlorine 06) Smithereens 07) Neon Gravestone 08) The Hype 09) Nico and The Niners 10) Cut My Lip 11) Bandito 12) Pet Cheetah 13) Legend 14) Leave The City LEVITATE LYRICS: Oh I know how to levitate up off my feet, And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe, And though I feed on things that fell, You can learn to levitate with just a little help, Learn to levitate with just a little help. Come down, come down, Cowards only come through when the hour’s late, And everyone’s asleep, mind you, Now, show up, show up, I know I shouldn’t say this, But a curse from you is all that I would need right now, man. Danger in the fabric of this thing I made, I probably shouldnt show you but it’s way too late, My heart is with you hiding but my minds not made, Now they know it like we both knew for some time Id say. They’re smirking at fresh blood, theyre circling above, But this is not enough, Yeah this is not what you thought, No, no we are not just graffiti on a passing train, I got back what I once bought back, In that slot I wont need to replace. This culture is a poacher of overexposure, not today, Dont feed me to the vultures, I am a vulture who feeds on pain. Sleep in a well-lit room, dont let the shadow through, And sever all I knew. Yeah sever all, I thought I could depend on, my weekends, On the freezing ground that Im sleeping on, Please keep me from, please keep me down from the ledges, Better test it, wooden wedges under doorways, Keep your wooden wedges under doors. Chorus, verse, chorus, verse, Now here comes the eight. Wait, habits here too, Youre the worst, your structure compensates, But compensation feels a lot like rising up to dominate, By track two, at least they all know all they hear comes from a place. Have a nice day :) House Mom has a CRUSH on Tyler Joseph (Funniest Levitate reactions) Twenty One Pilots #TylerJoseph #TwentyOnePillots #Trench"

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