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Chilly People-Blogs 2019-01-12 - 00:49:34

"Yes, this is a same day upload. I wanted to get the 3 million subscriber celebration the same day we hit it! We called the other SML crew members and let them know :) Also, how do you feel about Logan changing his channel name to the one he said in the vlog? Let us know what you think I was so close to being Logans 3 millionth sub :( Ill try again for 4 and 5 million though Dont forget to watch yesterdays vlog, its hilarious - We look terrible and sleep deprived because we havent slept in over 24 hours. And I had to get out this vlog for you guys before I went to bed! Its almost 7pm and we havent slept since yesterday around 5pm so I think its safe to assume that Im going to bed now after I heart and read a few comments. Good night 😮 We love you and you love us back then you can follow us on instagram :)"

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