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Cable-length measuring instrument UNITEST ...

ChipDipvideo Science-Technology 2011-04-30 - 23:24:48

"Cable-length measuring instrument UNITEST Echometer 3000Sometimes we need to measure bulk cable length. In such case the best way is to rewind it and thus use a direct method for determining its length. However, such method requires winding machines. It can be also quite time and manpower-consuming.Indirect methods are used more often for determining cable length. Presently two main methods are used.DC method measures core resistance at direct current.TRD method measures travel time of a probe pulse.UNITEST Echometer 3000 uses TRD method to measure cable length. It sends a short probe pulse into the cable and then monitors the return signal reflected from the cable end. Reflection can come from both open and short-circuit cable ends. The pulse reverses when reflected from a short-circuited end.Length can be calculated according to the time between the starting moment of the probe pulse and reception moment of the reflected pulse, at a known propagation speed.UNITEST Echometer 3000 measures cable length up to 2000 meters with +-2% inaccuracy and 0.1 m resolution. The device can also measure cable resistance from 0 to 2000 Ohms.Measured data is displayed on the illuminated liquid-crystal display. The delivery set includes the device itself - UNITEST Echometer 3000, a sensing wire, a set of alligator clips, measuring probes, and a storage bag."

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