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7 Things You (Probably) Didnt Know About Mad Max

CineFix Film-Animation 2015-05-18 - 21:50:12

"We’re guessing EVERYONE YOU KNOW is talking about Mad Max: Fury Road right now - are we right? We were certainly inspired, and decided to do a deep dive into the whole Mad Max franchise from the original 1979 movie to Fury Road. Subscribe: From the cosplay-fodder costumes to the reason why so many people in the post-apocalypse are horribly deformed, we’ve collected some seriously Mad knowledge to drop on you. And whether you’ve seen Fury Road yet or not, you’ll appreciate this look back at how the newest film came to be. What did you think? did you know any of these facts already? What’s your favorite film in the Mad Max franchise? Have you seen Fury Road, or are you simply hearing about how you need to from everyone else on the Internet? Would you like to see us do a Part II? Let us know in the comments below! Want to know whats going on with Cinefix in the future? Follow us Twitter for updates: Oh and were on The Facebook: Movies are a very complicated mess of time, money, people, and strange decisions. Inevitably, in the hodgepodge of life that goes into creating a movie, a few strange and interesting things happen here and there that are rather fascinating little tidbits of information. Every Monday starting in 2014, tune in to Cinefix for lists of things we find out that you (probably) didnt know!"

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