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Doll House $191k Speed Build l BLOXBURG: ROBLOX

DaPandaGirl Gaming 2018-07-29 - 16:00:04

"PANDA IS BACK! I changed things up by building a Doll House today because for some reason I just felt inspired, hope you enjoy! DECALS USED: Feathers: 1478405774 Pink Popsicles: 1506933201 Hello Summer: 1280530477 Geometric Stone BackSplash: 1836171454 Rose: 1904870502 Mint Colored Lemons: 1530083933 Into The Woods Paint: 2058681339 Stay Wild Child: 2058708120 Super Man Kids Art: 1146995385 Tree Landscape Kid Art: 14207287 Paint Splashes: 1049578191 Girl and Dog Drawing: 126924279 Rainbow Rain & Girl with Black Umbrella: 875984690 Colorful Paint Splatters: 981104360 ♡ Roblox: ♡ PandaWanda Discord: ♡Roblox Group: ♡Get Roblox Merch:!/shirts ♡ Instagram: Note that the MUSIC is NOT owned by me! - - - - - - - Any Requests? Let me know in the comments of your idea and or questions for me and I will try my best to answer right away! Thank you ~DaPandaGirl~"

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