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Geborgenheit-UA Film-Animation 2011-11-13 - 01:35:34

"Odessa - its major seaport located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea, city with population about one million people.. During the Soviet period it was the most important port of trade in the Soviet Union and a Soviet naval base. On January 1, 2000 the Quarantine Pier of Odessa trade sea port was declared a free port and free economic zone for a term of 25 years. In a rating of FDI Magazine Odessa ranked fourth in Europe for economic efficiency (Cost Effectiveness) and attractive business (Business Friendliness). Odessa itself is known for its uniqueness, and one of its unique features is the local humor. City is known throughout the world for its art and culture and beautiful Opera House. It also is a major manufacturing, railroad, and cultural center and, with its mild climate, a popular resort. The beaches allow tourists to feel like they are in the Mediterranean. The most popular beaches of city is Lanzheron, Malibu, Otrada and Arcadia Summer beautiful pictures only. Almost all these photos taken from: Одесса Мама, красивый город, южная Пальмира, Украина."

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