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Goku with a GoPro (Real life DragonBall Z)

K&K Productions Entertainment 2014-11-04 - 16:37:56

"See through the eyes of Goku as he tries to find the seven DragonBalls and puts Superman in his place! If you want a real life set of Dragon Balls for yourself, check out this link! Instagram Twitter Facebook Music by Scott and Brendo - Drive iTunes: Facebook: YouTube: Saiyan Armor by Credits Directed by - Harry and George Kirby VFX - George Kirby SFX - Harry Kirby Goku - Peter Peralta Voice of Goku - Lawrence Simpson Bulma Lucia Coward - Yamcha - Isky Fay Tien - David Cheung Chi Chi - Ainee Foo Superman - Joe Gallina Vegeta - Jason Ninh Cao Octocopter Operators - Jamie and Paul Townsend Make Up and Hair Katy Gill Francesca Legaluppi Photographer/BTS - Mouine Omari"

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