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how to treat stretch marks

Dr Davin Lim Science-Technology 2015-12-28 - 23:23:33

"Stretch marks are very common and occur in over 80% of pregnancy. They can occur during growth spurts such as in changes in weight (gain or loss). There are many treatments that are said to treat stretch marks, however in reality only a few treatments work. This video illustrates how a famous Board certified laser and cosmetic dermatologist uses a microneedling radiofrequency device called INFINI to treat stretch marks. Over the years, most Speicalists have moved away from fractional laser devices such as Fractora, Fraxel, Profractional and fractional CO2 resurfacing, and have started to use energy based radiofrequency micro-needling devices. The best and latest (as of early 2016) is a INFINI- a machine made by Lutronic. In fact, skin rolling or derma rollers can be considered as generation one micro-needling- invented nearly two decades ago. Micro-needling and skin rolling work by providing channels of tiny needles that penetrate in to the middle layers of the skin- called the dermal layer. This is a form of non-laser fractional resurfacing. Controlled damage and disruption to the dermal layer remodels stretch marks and scar tissue, and over several treatments, stretch marks start to improve. Second generation microneedling devices include Dermapen. This is better than a rolling mechanism as damage to the surrounding skin is less. Skin needling using Dermapen works as a form of CIT or Collagen Induction Therapy- much like CIT skin needling rollers. Third generation microneedling devices are stamping machines, but provide controlled energy known as radiofrequency. Examples of these devices include SECRET microneedling RF. INFINI is the very latest in microneedling, skin needling devices as it is a forth generation machine. It uses microneedles (49 skin needles per stamp), and delivers it to a depth that can be adjusted from 0.1 mm all the way to 3.5 mm. Energy dwell time and levels can also be adjusted. This energy delivery system is unique, as it uses insulated needles. This is the key to the tremendous success of this machine over the rest- insulation provides added safety to the upper layers of the skin, and also concentrates energy levels to where they are needed- in the mid layers of the skin where stretch marks lie. Following INFINI microneedling, I get my patients to use two other products- Firstly, STRATAMARK stretchmark cream. This special cream has been scientifically proven to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It reduces the redness and discolouration, as well as the itch associated with stretch marks. I get patients to apply STRATAMARK 24 hours after the INFINI skin needling treatment. More on where to buy STRATAMARK for stretch marks. The second product used is a prescription strength Vitamin A cream, called Tretinoin. If this is not available via compounded pharmacies, I like to use Zorac, or Tazarotene. This is applied 3-4 nights per week and can be started 3-4 days after INFINI Micro-needling RF. If you can not get hold of these medications without a prescription, high strength retinol can be use. My recommendation is Medik8 RETINOL. This contains both vitamin A and E in a serum base and can be purchased from the link below The below link is an excellent video on ‘How to remove stretch marks using a home kit’, done by Halo92599. This has some real science behind the video, and shows that even with out generation 4 microneedling machines, using a cheap Derma Roller for amazons can work! Halo92599 uses a combination of Aloe Vera to Stop and Reduce Stretch Marks, as well ad DL Penthenol to Heal and Eliminate Stretch Mark Scars. Both of these products are side to help heal the skin faster after microneedling or skin rolling. DL-Penthenol also works on helping damaged skin cells, and stimulates growth factors for new skin cells. This stimulates collagen and elastin remodelling, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Vitamin E works its way out from deep within the skin repairing it layer by layer and replacing it with new fresh skin cells. Vitamin E can be found in the MEDIK 8 Retinol serum. Another great video on HOW TO GET RID OF STRETCH MARKS FAST can be found on the link below, published by WaysandHow Thanks for watching. For more information on upcoming aesthetic and laser procedures in dermatology don’t forget to subscribe. Visit my upcoming website for more videos and information on treating stretch marks- Dr Davin Lim Laser and aesthetic dermatologist Realself reviews:"

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