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EVERY Easter Egg in the Alita: Battle Angel Trailer. EXTREME DETAIL

BigStinkyMoose Entertainment 2018-02-18 - 17:41:43

"Every Easter Egg in the Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Do you like movies based on comic books? Kick ass women? Christoph Waltz? Learning about as many Easter eggs as you can before seeing a film so you can be that smart friend afterwards who fills your friends in on all the awesome stuff they missed? If so, have I ever go the perfect video for you. If not, what the fuck are you doing here? There are cat videos or something along the side, click one of those. Or, better still, check out the rest of my channel where I mercilessly mock shitty fight scenes. Then subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on a single profanity laden rant. In a departure from the norm, this video examines the Easter eggs left for fans of the manga, not its fight scenes. You could argue that it’s because I am a massive Alita: Battle Angel / Gunnm fan, and have been waiting for this movie since the day it was announced and I’ll take any chance to rewatch the trailer a billion times and call it work. You might be right, but to paraphrase every parent when their child disagrees with them, “my channel, my rules.” This video explores some of the details many other channels missed, such as the oddly shaped scar on the forehead of Christoph Waltz and the clues revealed in the reflections when we meet Mr. Vector (Mahershala Ali) all over the hauntingly eerie, nightmare inducing Alita: Battle Angel trailer song. In addition to discussing the presence of Christoph Waltz and the Alita: Battle Angel trailer song, the video also corrects a few errors that literally every other channel is getting wrong. For example, did you know that Alita is an android? No? Well that’s because she’s fucking not, IGN. When analyzing a movie trailer based off an existing work, it’s kind of important to get the central theme right. But hey, maybe that’s just me. Knowing some basic information about the character is the best way to hype yourself up for what (I hope more than anything) is going to be an amazing film. It also means that you won’t sound like a complete moron when talking about the movie with your manga and comic book-loving friends, family, and audience, IGN."

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