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The Easiest, Most Inexpensive, Natural Litter Box System

VICTORIAN GARDENS CATTERY Pets-Animals 2017-12-12 - 08:47:24

"Please give us a thumbs up and please subscribe to our channel if you like this video. Please watch the COMPLETE video and our newest litter video dated June 9, 2018 entitled Taking The Mystery Out Of The 3 Breeze Boxes and Bottom Boxes. If the newest video does not answer your questions, please read the comments below. Thanks. Link to: Taking The Mystery Out Of The 3 Breeze Boxes and Bottom Boxes. To purchase our litter box system, please see the links below. When you buy from our Amazon links, there is no additional costs to you. We get a very small commission back from Amazon, if you buy through our Catterys links. This allows us to get more toys and supplies for our kittens and cats. Thanks. Newer Regular Version of the Breeze Box on Amazon: New Hooded Version of the Breeze Box: Petmate Large Litter Pan for use with all Breeze Boxes: Sophresh Large Litter Pan for use with all Breeze Boxes: Mulberry: Taupe: Gray: IRIS Litter Scoop (Replacement if needed): Members Mark 23x24 Puppy Pad 120 Count for Older Breeze Boxes (Available also at Sams Club): Extra Large Puppy Pad for Newer Breeze boxes. (The price on Amazon should be $18 for the box. If it is not, the Seller on Amazon is price gouging, so please shop around) :// Dr. Elseys Litter Attractant: IRIS 55 lb Airtight Food Storage Container On Wheels: Petmate 3 Cup Scoop for Pine Pellets: **Tips for Transitioning a Cat to this pelleted pine litter: 1) In the comment section of this video, there are a lot of helpful suggestions to get your cats to transition over. Try to read other posters comments on how they successfully transitioned their cats over to it. 2) You may need to contain your cats/kittens in a small room while you a transitioning them over to the pellets or contain the cat that is having a hard time transitioning over 3) Put some of their stools in the pelleted litter. 4) Get some Dr. Elseys Litter Attractant to sprinkle on the pellets. It is in a sprinkler canister that you can find at most Pet Store. Here is our link to buy it: 5) Start adding in the pellets to their old litter so they get use to the feeling of the pellets on their paws. 6) Slowly stop cleaning their old boxes. 7) Once they start using the pellets, you can remove their old boxes slowly. 8) Be patient. Cats are just like humans, they do not like change. When purchasing a Tidy Breeze Box in a store, look inside the box for a $7 off coupon on the box. You should be able to open the box and pull out the pamphlet before going to the cash register. You can also find the coupon on line at Tidy Breeze box website.*** In our opinion, our Litter Box system is the most natural, easiest and least expensive Litter Box system around. If you have any questions, please put your questions in the comment section for us to answer as we have time. We do have an approval system set up for our comments so negativity will not be allowed. For more information on Toxic Litters, please see our Toxic Litter page on our website at: To see The Best DRY Cat Food We Recommend Video, please click here:"

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