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Massive Unilateral Gynecomastia Removal - Male Breast Asymmetry - Gyno On One Side

Westlake Plastic Surgery Center Education 2018-06-19 - 16:43:59

"Gynecomastia - or female breast like growth in men - comes in all forms. Here, a patient has the condition significantly larger on one side. This is asymmetrical gynecomastia, and is an easy fix here at the Austin Gynecomastia Center. Talk to Dr. Caridi about the possibilities of life without gyno. Send him pictures of your chest and hell reply via email to discuss treatment options: In this case, Dr. Caridi removes the larger gland from one side while contouring and removing any gland from the smaller side in order for both sides to match. Dr. C has performed surgeries like this hundreds of times on men from all over the country and the world. It is very important to note that many surgeons would say this skin tissue needs to be cut out completely leaving the patient with large scars across the chest. It is obvious in this case that this is unnecessary, and in fact debilitating to the patient. Young patients who have normal to high elasticity in their skin are very likely to have their skin retract back to normal after removing the gland. Something we need to make sure every man who suffers with this condition knows; you do not always need skin removal with gynecomastia. Simply removing the gland and contouring the area with Vaser liposuction is everything you need. You can see in this video that this patient’s skin retracted back completely without any skin tissue removal. This is even more noticeable in this patient as his nipple-areolar complex decreased in size after gland removal further revealing skin retraction. Gynecomastia typically presents as two-sided or “bilateral” growth, but in small percentage of men (less than 5-10%), it can present as single-sided “unilateral” or asymmetrical gynecomastia. Like bilateral gynecomastia, unilateral gynecomastia is a benign condition that is no different in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Find out what you need to know about unilateral gynecomastia, or “one-sided” gynecomastia on our website at Have gynecomastia? We have a website with hundreds of before and after photos and videos showing results from treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center: Gynecomastia typically occurs in two different settings: in early adolescence or later in adult life most often with the use of pro-hormones. Normal, hormonally-induced development of the breast during adolescence (age 10-16) occurs in up to 65% of boys. Although this tissue excess regresses in one or two years, up to 15% of affected boys may not see it go away and are most at risk for the development of psychological scars from gynecomastia. These young men may suffer from serious body image problems and secondary behavior disturbances, such as withdrawing from their peers, avoiding important social activities, and depression. Dr. C talks about the psychological recovery after removing the burden of gynecomastia. He advises that patients have a great attitude toward their mental recovery and just forget their gynecomastia was ever there. He suggests patients heal from surgery, and while following post-surgical instructions, go to the beach or the pool without their shirt off and just act like they never even had it. Just forget about it. It no longer burdens you. You are liberated. “It is total liberation day.” Have more questions about gynecomastia? Want to know if you have gynecomastia? Check out answers to every major question about gyno thats ever been asked:"

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