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11 Things You Should Avoid After C-Section (Restrictions after C Section)

Nery HR Howto-Style 2018-02-12 - 18:30:00

"These are 11 things you should avoid after C-Section. Restrictions after C Section. Watch more videos about c-section: C-Section Recovery Tips for a Fast Recovery ► How to Lose Belly fat After C Section (Diet and Exercise) ► The Most Common C Section Complications & How to Avoid It ► 1. After a c-section, a mother has to take extra care to rest her body and her wound. There are activities to avoid, mainly to prevent aggravating the wound and ensuring that she recovers well for herself and her baby. Here are 11 things to avoid! 2. When you are allowed to use the restroom, never ignore nature’s call as that could lead to trauma to your incision. Even if you need to get up from your bed numerous times, do that. It pains to get up and walk, but you have to do it. 3. Don’t wear a maternity belt to reduce your belly. Your belly will shrink back to its size on its own. Using a maternity belt can increase your chances of suffering from a hernia later. 4. Avoid wearing tight clothes. I know that sometimes we are just in a hurry to wear our pre-pregnancy clothes and forget how important it is to take it easy and let our bodies heal. Even though you might be wearing a postpartum girdle, it is crucial that you wait at least 6 to 8 weeks for your incision to heal completely. Avoid wearing tight clothes, whether it’s a shirt or pants, or any clothing that might rub on the incision. 5. Avoid lifting weights. You just had major surgery and lifting heavy object is a big no!. Please, rest as much as you can and ask someone to help you with anything that you might need help with. Lifting heavy objects can cause your incision to open and this will only result in a painful experience for you. Also, depending on whether you had staples or stitches, you will run the risk of your doctor stitching you up again or placing more staples on your incision. Be careful and take care of yourself! 6. Don’t try to start exercising right after your delivery. Wait till your doctor gives you a go-ahead. It isn’t very pleasing to wear the same maternity clothes even after you delivered, but you need to wait till you can fit into your designer jeans again. Abdominal pressure too early can be dangerous and can lead to bleeding. Instead, try walking with your baby in arms or pushing the stroller in the park, which will be enough activity. You can, however, exercise with your baby with these tips. 7. You must avoid touching your incision while it’s still healing because you can get it infected. Your incision is fresh and it’s practically still opened, so you want to avoid any contact to the incision. When you are taking a bath, use a cloth and lightly wet it with warm water and just dab it on top of your incision very carefully. Also, make sure to completely dry the incision area with a dry towel. 8. Work on a comfortable sleeping position. Even after your stitches are cut and the healing process has started you might not be able to lie on your back as it could pain tremendously. You might still have to sleep sideways. 9. Avoid constipation. Keep yourself hydrated enough. With the incision still healing putting pressure on your abdomen could be fatal. 10. Don’t avoid breastfeeding just because it gets uncomfortable to sit for too long with your baby. In fact, breastfeeding for many reasons is good for your baby and speeds up your healing process. If you are lactating enough, they don’t avoid a feeding session it could further lead to mastitis, engorgement and other issues. 11. Never ignore symptoms like fever, headache and nausea while your scar is still healing. As it could be a sign of infection. 12. Avoid using painkillers on your own. You might be on a course of painkillers given by your doctor right after your surgery, don’t self-treat yourself with the painkillers once the course is completed. If you are breastfeeding this could be dangerous. Talk to your doctor if the pain persists even after six weeks of recovery."

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