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San Diego: Arson House Fire with Man Inside 06052018

911 VIDEO NEWS People-Blogs 2018-06-06 - 14:55:15

"DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 6-5-18 10:55 am LOCATION: 5953 Bernadette Ln CITY: San Diego INCIDENT DETAILS: A 2nd Alarm fire was called after a fire started. 2 Good Samaritans who do not live in the neighborhood came running after seeing the smoke and helped save another home by hitting it with water as the fire was hitting it from next door. Fire Investigators have determined that the fire was set deliberately and the body of a man was found inside the burnt structure. The home was in foreclosure and the owner was evicted. He was a well-known jeweler who had been accused of stealing customers jewelry and was forced out of business by the State for not paying his taxes."

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