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FUNNY SOLUTIONS TO EMBARRASSING MOMENTS. Try not to laugh || Awkward situations by 5-Minute FUN

5-Minute FUN People-Blogs 2019-07-14 - 09:33:42

"Try not to laugh on these funny solutions to embarrassing moments! Subscribe to 5-Minute FUN: We all know how easy it is to embarrass yourself sometimes in all kind of awkward situations. But dont worry! With all your creativity you can always find a funny solution to any problem. Watch our video for some ideas! 0:08 Got dirty in the ice cream 0:15 Stepped into a poop 0:27 Tore the jeans apart 0:40 Cut the knee 0:58 Somebody in the car 1:09 Answer hello to the wrong person 1:20 Hide wide yawn 1:28 Fall down into the pool 1:47 Spill coffee 1:56 Get scared while watching the movie 2:09 Laugh too hard in the office 2:41 Bloopers Fails are no problem when you know how to make fun out of everything! #fun #awkward #embarrassing ________ Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned – you will definitely enjoy the comedy!"

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