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🐱😍Best DIY Cat Litter Box!!!😍🐱

Eliana31205 Pets-Animals 2016-11-05 - 17:32:24

"Hi Guys, Iam back with a New Video For You ^_^ ! I Thought I would share with you this very easy, Do It Yourself ( #DIY )Litterbox Idea! ^^ I got the idea from a pet store that I visited, while I searched for new special cat food for My #Cat Mia! It might look as a Long video, & it is not so.. I Just didnt Have the option the manipulate and shorten the video more :P .. All you will need Is a sharp knife, A large Cardboard box, a measuring tool & a marker ! Really Easy to make Cheap & more Hygienic than a normal Open litterbox, just try to clean the poop each day & dont let it stay there for too much ! Enjoy Watching, Eliana :)"

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