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We Made the Buggy from PUBG Mobile! (Vikendi in Real Life!)

the Hacksmith Science-Technology 2019-01-11 - 22:00:01

"Download PUBG MOBILE for FREE here: Follow PUBG MOBILE for updates and news! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Become a Hacksmith member get exclusive perks! ► ►Early video access ►Project design files (solidworks) ►Merch Discounts ►Collaborate with us on our videos Check out the circuit diagram here ► Navitas TSX 3.0 speed controller ► SOCIAL Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Patreon ► Discord ► Merch ► SOFTWARE: Video Review / Collaboration ► Video Editing ► Adobe Premiere CAD ► Solidworks CAMERA GEAR: Highspeed Cam - Chronos 1.4 ► Main shooter - Panasonic GH5s ► Phone - Samsung Note 8 ► B Camera - Sony RX10ii ► Camcorder - Sony Handycam ► Slow Motion (960fps) - Sony RX10ii ► Slow Motion (240fps) - Panasonic GH5s ► Action Cam - GoPro ► Steadicam - Osmo ► Main mic - Sennheiser ► Bendy Tripod ► Main Tripods - old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold. TOOLS / MACHINES: CNC Plasma Cutter ► 3d Printers - Taz 6 ► Moarstruder ► Fila9ment ► CNC Mill ► CNC Lathe ► Laser Cutter - Gweike LG900N 80W ► 3d Scanner ► Drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc ► Welder ► Desktop PC ► MUSIC: Music: @00:13 Do The Funky Strut by Bobby Cole Licensed from Audioblocks ► @04:37 Without You by Roy Ashen Licensed from Triplescoop► @09:46 Mohawk by Joey Peters Licensed from Triplescoop► WARNING: THESE VIDEOS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. PERSONAL USE OF VIDEO CONTENT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE HACKSMITH IS A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL WHO KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HES DOING. EXCEPT WHEN HE DOESNT. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE OR RE-ENACT ANYTHING SHOWN IN THESE VIDEOS. pubg mobile vikendi highlights new snow map"

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