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[SFM BALDI] Baldis Basics In Learning Bully Takes Over Baldis School & Captures Baldi (Animation)

Gold Bear Animations Film-Animation 2018-10-06 - 14:00:04

"Baldis Basics In Learning Bully Takes Over Baldis School And Captures Baldi SFM MY MERCH MORE TO COME #FNAFCREW #FNAF #SFM #FNAFILLUMINATTI #FNAF #BESTFNAFANIMATIONS GUYS I NEED HELP TO RAISE $30,0000 DONATE HERE KEEP THE STREAM AND THE CHANNEL RUNNING IF 30 thousand people donate 1 dollar Please help ROAD TO 1 MILLION 1,00,000 Bringing you the Top Best Five Nights at Freddys animations from the Best in the bunch NEW ANIMATION EVERY DAY, Models mostly By wacky spider music used ★ NEXT EPISODE: (Unlocked at 1000LIKES)! POPULAR FNAF VIDEOS POPULAR BALDs BASICS BENDY POPULAR UPLOADS POPULAR HELLO NEIGHBOR : music used - Restless Natives - Doug Maxwell & Media Right Productions - Bus Da Blockbuster - Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions - Action Time - Biz Baz Studio - Cataclysmic Molten Core - Jingle Punks - Breaktime - Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod SOCIAL Twitter - Facebook - animations by mr withered furr cayden MYYSZA110 SMOKE THE BEAR DARK LAMES PENGUIN FISHING MODELS BY I6IGNIS,WACKY SPIDER, AUSTIN THE BEAR, CONFEDERATE JOE, MICHAEL DONIVUS Other Stuff ♥ ○ Subscribe for “FNAF SFM” Animatins ►"

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