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BRYAN CRANSTON - Before They Were Famous

Michael McCrudden Entertainment 2016-02-27 - 23:01:01

"SUBSCRIBE: Before Bryan Cranston was an Oscar nominated actor for his work in Trumbo Before winning four prime time Emmys, three Screen actors guild awards and one golden globe for his portrayal of Walter White. Before making the world never want to answer their doors again. BEFORE Bryan Cranston would drop the mic. Before raising four of the worst kids on television. Before Bryan Cranston wowed the world with his impressive moves on roller skates. Bryan Cranston was born into a dysfunctional family of performers in Canoga Park, California. After his father, a struggiling actor walked out on the fam at age 11, Cranston and his siblings were raised by his grandparents and worked on their poultry farm. Despite getting a degree in police sciences, Cranston began acting after college, starting out in theatre and small roles on television. Through the 90’s Cranston was consistently working as a character actor. Appearing on multiple network shows as a villains of the week, loveable room mates and of course Jerry Seinfeld’s dubious dentist, Tim Whatley. In 2000 Cranston would finally find a home on television with the Fox sitcom, Malcolm In The Middle and for six seasons he would become loved by audiences as the ridiculous pussy whipped father, Hal. What he was? I’m Michael McCrudden and welcome to Before They Were Famous documenting the life and career of Bryan Cranston prior to him Breaking Bad. CREDITS: EDITOR: Matt @ Question Time SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE:"

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