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Charles Cumming, author of The Trinity Six, discusses The Cambridge Spy Ring

MacmillanUSA People-Blogs 2011-03-23 - 14:26:41

" CHARLES CUMMING is the author of the international bestselling thrillers A Spy By Nature, The Spanish Game, and Typhoon. A former British Secret Service recruit, he is a contributing editor of The Week magazine and currently lives in London. Critics are raving about The Trinity Six: Brilliant....All this, in the hands of a less talented writer, might have been a routine spy thriller, but there is nothing routine about The Trinity Six. Cumming writes smart, seductive prose, and hes gifted at revealing the subtleties of personality. Scene after scene crackles with excitement, tension and suspense. The novels ingenious plot is almost as complicated as real life, but as one astonishing revelation follows another, the book is all but impossible to put aside....With this novel, Cumming joins Alan Furst, David Ignatius and Olen Steinhauer among the most skillful current spy novelists, and he bears comparison with masters such as John le Carré and Graham Greene.... A sophisticated thriller. --The Washington Post A smashing Cold Wwar thriller for the 21st century. --People A lively thriller....inventive. --The New York Times Book Review Cummings novel is characterized by a gripping sense of realism. He displays a vast knowledge of spycraft and Cold War history, and the dense, three-dimensional world he crafts comes complete with seedy hotels and smoky nightclubs. The result is absolutely gripping. --Kirkus (starred review) The Trinity Six is a fine successor to Typhoon for a young author already compared with le Carré and Littell. --Booklist (starred review) Cumming revitalizes the moribund cold war spy novel in this stunning stand alone.his knowledge of the spy business, his well-crafted prose, and his intensely engaging plot make this a breakthrough novel. --Publishers Weekly (starred review) The Must List. --Entertainment Weekly Utterly absorbing and compelling. A brilliant re-imagining of events surrounding the notorious Cambridge spy-ring. --William Boyd, author of Ordinary Thunderstorms An absolutely terrific thriller. Its going to make Charles Cumming a star. --Jeff Abbott, author of Trust Me"

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