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SFV: Double Combo Video [Broken Combos 2 + Cody vs Plasma]

desk Gaming 2018-07-17 - 18:04:44

"I started recording some more broken combos shortly after releasing the first video... However, didnt get enough stuff to produce what I would consider to be a full video. Also, as with every character in SFV who can reflect stuff, I recorded a bunch of clips with Cody doing combos around Eds Plasma Ball. Weirdly however, when Cody reflects the V-trigger, it moves much quicker than with the other characters. Meaning there isnt quite as much room for super long combos. I didnt end up getting too much footage and, again, wasnt sure about uploading only a minute or 2 of stuff. Anyway, I edited them back to back, so now you get 2 combo videos for the price of 1. Hopefully its entertaining for 3 minutes of your day. Thanks for watching!"

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