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Penn & Teller get Fooled You Blew Our Minds.

Paul Gertner Entertainment 2016-08-21 - 15:47:49

"Hire Paul for your next event: Learn UNSHUFFLED, the trick that Paul did on Penn & Teller: Penn says We know this trick and You Blew Our Mind. Normally Penn & Teller take a guess at how the trick is done. After asking to examine the cards they did not even bother to take a guess. They simply said Paul Gertner You Fooled Us! Paul Gertner is a Trade Show and Corporate Magician who specializes in fooling the worlds most analytics audiences from Scientists to Engineers... and YES he even Fooled Penn & Teller. Paul has 30+ years of experience performing at trade shows and presenting keynotes for more than 1,000 clients in 35 different counties. Paul Gertner has been awarded Close-Up Magician of the Year twice from the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and he has won The Siegfried & Roy Gold Lion Award, as well as the First Prize at FISM, considered the Olympics of Magic. He has also appeared on the NBCs Tonight Show, in the Wall Street Journal and in more than 35 countries. Share: Corporate Website: Facebook:"

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