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Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

The Film Theorists Film-Animation 2018-11-29 - 21:05:10

"Get your NEW Holiday Theory Wear! ► Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED ►► Thanos CANT Snap! ► SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase I am Groot. Now, so far in the MCU weve seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Lets find out! Dont forget to snuggle up in our new hood-tastic holiday Theory Wear! ► Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound. Get A 30 Day Free Trial Now! ► #Groot #Marvel #GuradiansoftheGalaxy #InfinityWar #InfinityWar2 #Avengers #Avengers4 #FilmTheory MORE FILM THEORIES Thanos Was RIGHT! ► Ant Mans GIANT Problem ► Spiderman is DEAD! ►► Marvels Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram:"

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