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How to Use Affirmations with Reality Transurfing (New Law of Attraction Process)

Aaron Doughty Education 2018-08-11 - 17:30:01

"➡ For my Reality Transurfing MP3 on Decreasing Importance and creating what you want in life click below… ➡ ➡For my 7 Day Law of Attraction Morning routine Course Click below ➡ ➡Click here for the Law of Attraction Accelerator Program ➡ This video will show you How to Use Affirmations with Reality Transurfing (New Law of Attraction Process). Transcript below..... This video, Im going to show you how to use affirmations with reality transurfing. This very well could be the missing link to you really getting what you want by letting go of parts of affirmations that no longer serve you. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, I really believe that this video can totally be a game changer when it comes to you creating what you want in your life, understanding affirmations at a deeper level and understanding it more at an energetic level than anything else. Now, this involves understanding the energy part of affirmations. Now, lets look at first off the old way that we go about the law of attraction. Now, the old way of a law of attraction. What it is is we have a desire in what we do is we say the affirmations to hopefully get us to that end desire to that kind of goal. So in a way, normally we think of affirmations as a means to an end. Our affirmations will get us the results that we want. Now theres a couple ways to tweak that and one thing we could do is simply say our affirmations in the present moment, so whereas normally people are saying, I will attract your relationship, will is presupposed thats going to be in the future, which isnt right now and since the only moment that really does exist is right now is right now. What we then do is we say, I am whole and complete, or I am in a relationship and that will get you a certain benefit. However, what I believe is even more powerful is this understanding of how to use it with what is called Reality Tran Surfing. So if youve been following my channel, you know that this is a powerful manifestation process that Ive taught quite a bit about and Moreso than even just a manifestation process is actually more of a philosophy or a way for seeing the world that when you start to adopt it, it can completely transform your life. Now Im going to share with you a little bit about reality transfers in general before I get into it. Just to give context for this video and with reality. Tran surfing, its about understanding that its about intention Moreso than anything else. Now Reality, Trans Surfing is a book that was written in Russia by a quantum physicist named Vadim Zealand, and this book is now getting much more popularity. Ive been sharing it on my channel. Ive had so many people text me pictures of the books or email me or dm me on social media like pictures of the books that theyd got it, saying that theyre loving it. Its changing their lives and theres a couple of key principles that change everything and the guy that wrote it is a quantum physicist, which means he has more of a perspective of understanding parallel realities and this is something Ive talked about before as well as the power of parallel realities to really create what you want in your life and understanding that awareness that the only moment that exists is this moment right now. So when were projecting ourselves to the future, were not creating the residents with the reality that we want right now in the present moment. Now, under reality of transfer, if the United States, theres two or three main ideas that can really help you understand that more, the first one has to do intentions. If we simply sat more intentions, we will create more of what we want our life think of intention as the direction and if you set an intention, youre giving your boat metaphorically speaking, some type of direction. The intention is the sale. Without it, you just kind of remain stagnant. Now, the idea is that as you set an intention, you start to Moreso flow to the reality that you want to experience. Now, theres another part of understanding that every possible reality you can possibly imagine exists right now in the present moment. So were just shifting through these different parallel realities with every choice that we make with the intentions that we set, and then theres another part of reality transurban that has to do with understanding what are called pendulums. Now, pendulums are these thoughts, structures that are created when we are thinking... Song Adventures by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music released by Argofox Music provided by Audio Library This video is about How to Use Affirmations with Reality Transurfing (New Law of Attraction Process)"

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