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War Robots Gameplay - NATASHA BEAST MODE SETUP | Natasha Avenger Halo Gameplay

Adrian Chong Gaming 2018-10-22 - 11:00:02

"War Robots Gameplay - Natasha Beast Mode Setup. So far for 2018, the Natasha Avenger Halo may just be the best setup for the Natasha. I have tried quite a few builds on the Natasha and this is probably the most ruthless. It’s one thing to get locked down but quite another to be locked down and shredded by two Avengers. Watch carefully as it shreds through Bulgasaris, Lancelots and Haechis. This Natasha build is a BEAST! Music provided by Frequency Track: Evalk - Mars Link: New Robots Playlist: New Weapons Playlist: Test Server Playlist: Past Live Streams Playlist: Funny Builds Friday Playlist: Clan Games: Tutorials Playlist: This Year’s Videos: This Year’s Live Streams: This Year’s Test Servers: This Year’s Best Builds: Android Baby Account Videos: Android Baby Account Live Streams: Clan VØX Video Archive: Clan VØX Live Stream Archive: Like | Comment | Subscribe Facebook ❖ Instagram ❖ Twitter ❖ Twitch ❖ Merch ❖ Gaming equipment ❖ War Robots is developed by Pixonic Download War Robots for FREE! iOS: Android:"

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