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Rocky fanfare& Gonna Fly now played at first ever Trumpetparty!

brassheavy Music 2009-10-24 - 16:06:41

"First notes EVER played. This is the opening of the very very first all know how it ended. Started as a tribute for the 75th anniversary of Calicchio trumpets. Chris Weik former owner was present during this concert. All musicians were so positive about this event(27 calicchio players perfomed that day) for some amazing 70 people growd!! Now we did 7 trumpetparty´s with some amazing line-ups. James Morrison, Wayne Bergeron, Jim Manley, Roger Ingram, Eric Miyashiro and many many others played on this event. We changed the venue and a professional Bigband backed up all artist. From a funny concert at a Sunday afternoon, it changed into one of the major trumpet events in the Netherlands., attracting more then 400 people during each concert. More info:"

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