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Free Domain & Hosting for Wordpress Website Urdu/Hindi Tutorial

Urdu Hindi Tutorials Science-Technology 2015-04-22 - 07:55:54

"In this video you will learn how to get Free Domain & Hosting for Wordpress Website. This Urdu/Hindi Tutorial is especially for wordpress website /blog. If youre looking for Free domain & hosting with complete cpanel so youre at right place because in this tutorial im going to show you how can you get it for free. This tutorial is only for Urdu Hindi speakers if you dont speak Urdu or Hindi or at least you dont understand so please add comment i ll guide you step by step in english. *Agenda of this Tutorial: To prepare everyone even everyone who dont know about Wordpress CMS just because of they dont have enough money for hosting & domain. I tried to make this tutorial more and more simple that everybody can understand easily but still if you cant hear my voice or video so please type in comment and i ll guide you step by step. Some important Question and their answers regarding to this tutoiral: *What is Domain ? Ans: Domain is web address/Url which have specific uniqueness for each website/blog. on internet every website has unique web address which is called domain. Its same like our physical address. *What is Hosting ? Hosting is hosted place where you ll host your website data such as images,videos and even all website coding. Its same like our local Computer drive/HD, when we need some data so we just drop into our hard drive & whenever we need it so we just take it from that hard drive same like hosting work for us. *What does mean by Free Domain & Hosting ? Its mean you ll get both domain & hosting for free but you can use this hosting in advance features because as you know its free and in order to getting proper start you have to buy hosting. Thanks. if you have any question so may ask me. Want to Learn 25+ Courses in Urdu/Hindi Language? Go:"

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