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CYC - MOMO LOVER ***Nepalese Dumpling Song*** - NEPHOP

Redroom Dynasty Music 2018-04-15 - 16:55:28

"Lyrics Below: (CHORUS) - One Sun I need momo in my life I wish Momo was my wife I want momo every night I live in DC eating Momos in my kitchen Malai momo khane man Momo mero ho Jivan Aru kura nagarum I live in DC eating momos in my kitchen (Cyc) Im getting hungry, aba khanchu tanna bhok laagyo malai, need 100 momos I go to the fridge now Im taking a look I got the right ingredients so Im gonna cook (Momo) Ill call you thulo bau, I love how you eat Just wrap me up daddy and fill me with meat (Cyc) Since you wanna get stuffed I be making you tight (Momo) You do it good daddy, keep wrapping me right Yea I wanna feel your hands come massage my dough you can marinate my meat do it nice and slow I need the best chef, use your fingers a lot yea pinch me right there ooh youre hitting the spot (Cyc) No doubt, I want to put you in my mouth (Momo) Wow I love how you work it out! (Cyc) You got me feeling that love is real I eat momos for every meal (CHORUS) [verse 2] Im gonna mix you down, give you a massage Ill pour in some oil, add dhanya and pyaj What else you gonna give me? I feel an impulse Give you ginger, garlic and a sprinkle of salt Yea rub me down good you can put in your fist! Damn.. since you made that offer how can I resist? My fingers will twist and wrap you up in a cinch Im closing your hole as I give it a pinch Yea pinch me real good keep my juices inside.. How you wanna eat me, steamy or fried? Im gonna eat you up just the way that you are But first I wanna cover you up with achaar I love the way you cook its making me sweat And all this achaar be keeping me wet.. I swear to god your taste is so rare Theres no other food that I can compare! (CHORUS) Oval or round whats your favorite shape? Dont care what you look like I just love the taste Now Ill lose control, throw you in my bowl Damn! Im getting so moist with all this jhol! I love your achaar , so spicy and sweet When I put you in my mouth I be feeling the heat Lick me bite me you do it the best Chew and swallow then let it digest You so delicious Im losing my mind Since ones not enough Ill eat 2 at a time Ill eat 3 at a time and start putting on weight Even Kumbakarna couldnt eat this many plates Ohhhhh! You so hungry, cant get enough Tell me what you like more chicken or buff? I love you momo! I want you all for myself and I aint gonna share you with nobody else! (CHORUS)"

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