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Career Advice - Doctors and Medical Industries

InnovateCV Education 2010-06-10 - 14:33:28

"Dr. Warren Hyer, Consultant Paediatrician, shares his advice on how best to achieve a successful medical career. Those looking to start or further a career in medicine, will benefit greatly from Dr. Warren Hyers insightful answers to the following questions: How must medical candidates best conduct themselves in a job interview? What must a medical candidate have in mind when preparing for a job interview? What questions can candidates expect to be asked in a medical job interview? What is the role of work experience and extra-curricular activities in applying for a medical role? Is there any advice you can offer new employees in the medical field? How should a medical applicant best prepare a CV? What is the correct response if one is faced with difficulties in a professional relationship? An Innovate CV resume can help you get the job you want as in medicine! Get the professional skills you need for your successful career in medicine -- visit Innovate CVs Career and Training Centre!"

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