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Types of Gear - Different Types of Gear

Learning Engineering Science-Technology 2018-03-26 - 02:01:49

"Types of Gear There are many types of gears such as spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, etc. These can be generally classified by looking at the positions of axes such as parallel shafts, intersecting shafts and non-intersecting shafts. In this video we will learn about different types of gears used to transmit power from one shaft to another shaft. More information:- More Videos:- Compressor - Types of Compressor - Compressor Types Types of Bearings - Different Types of Bearings Please visit my site: Please visit our Blog: Connect with me in my social page: Subscribe my youtube channel: Find us On Pinterest: Find us On Google+: Find us On Twitter: Find us On Linkedin :"

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