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How to Take Sharp Photos Using Depth of Field | Tack Sharp Photos Pt.1

Spyros Heniadis Education 2013-06-04 - 03:03:45

"Get my FREE Guide To Taking Tack Sharp Photos: This week we learn the importance of Depth of Field to getting tack sharp photos, including how to calculate the Depth of Field, how where you focus changes the depth of field and how to use this information to get sharp photos. Watch Part 1: Watch Part 2: Watch Part 3: DOF Master: iOS DOF Calculator: Android DOF Calculator: Windows: Mac: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Get your FREE Shallow Depth of Field Guide: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- VIDEO COURSES: --------------------------- The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode: Understanding Flash Photography: Mastering Lightroom: --------------------------------------------------------------- DONATE TO SUPPORT THESE VIDEOS --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ALL THE SOCIALS: ------------------------------------ Twitch: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Portfolio:"

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