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MHGU: G Rank Key Quests

gaijin hunter Gaming 2018-08-27 - 22:04:53

"Low and High Rank **************** G1 Pecking Order (Yian Kut-Ku in Ruined Pinnacle) Lost, But Not for Long (Gypceros in A. Steppe) Surprise! (Cephadrome + Daimyo in Dunes) Water fight (Royal Ludroth x2 in M. Peaks) Survival of the Biggest (Giadrom + Bulldrome in A. Ridge) G2 Urgent: Dirty Deals (Barroth in Desert) That’s No Rock… (Basarios in Marshlands) Queen of the Ruined Pinnacle (Rathian in Ruined Pinnacle) Not Mushroom to Swing a Congalala (Congala in Jungle) Shadows in the Desert Lake (Plesioth in Desert) The Next Stage of E-Volvi-lution (Volvidon + Great Macao in J. Frontier) G3 Urgent: Giant Dragon Invasion (Lao-Shan Lung in Fortress) Pinnacle Pioneering (Astalos in Ruined Pinnacle) The Boiling Broiling Desert (Glavenus in Desert) Ice Recover (Gammoth in F. Seaway) The Lost Expedition (Barioth in F. Seaway) A Certain Gravitas (Gravios in V. Hallow) G4 Urgent: Sales of Justice (Valstrax in A. Ridge) Beware Twin Horns on the Sand (Diablos in Desert) Devilijho Hunt (Deviljho in Jungle) Tracing the Family Tree (Tigrex in Primal Forest) Emergency of the Arctic Ridge (Rajang in A. Ridge) (Unlocks next 2) A Very Long Engravement (Galvenus + Gravios in Volcano) A Titanic Clash (Agnaktor + Duramboros in Arena) Last Boss Urgent: Castle on the Run (Ahtal-Ka in Forlorn Citadel)"

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