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Irie (Sattas) Official Audio #irie #sattas - Esen Müzik

Esen Müzik Music 2016-07-04 - 10:06:47

"Sattas © 2012 ESEN MÜZİK iTunesdan albüm satın al: Apple Musicde dinle: Spotifyda dinle: Albüm CD satın al: Irie klibini izle: Eskitilmiş klibini izle: -- Irie (Sattas) Irie! This is a Sattas sound. Irie! We`re gonna shake around Irie! We`re gonna burn this place time to get up now I`m not sayın` lie to you, open your ears this is for you This is just a fun for you time to get up now When you hear this heartbeat sound, you can joy and a you can dance Forget troubles enjoy your time, listen what i say I can see more cats and hats, reggae music is a serious thing Words hits like the frazier`s fists you can enjoy now This is love not a popstar role, you don`t listen as a shitstem sound I do know, when is down for you, time to get up now Söz & Müzik: Orçun Sünear --- --- --- Bizi takip edin: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Online Satış:"

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