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TXT YEONJUN (연준) THEORY/REACTION | ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ 투모로우바이투게더

xCeleste Entertainment 2019-01-10 - 20:16:15

"We solved the Morse Code & I gave you guys one of my crazy theories for TXT and the Bighit Universe. What do you guys think? I hope you enjoyed my reaction. Thank you for watching! Original video: ------------------------------------------------ ✨I decided to become a FULL-TIME content creator! Support me on Patreon! SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: 💎Allie Metzker, Chicago Dex, Jon D 💎Jae-Christopher Ro, Betty Hodge, Amalina Basri ✨Stay Connected: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Business E-mail: 💜Wanna chat with me and watch videos together?💜 DOWNLOAD SMING FOR FREE: 📍ADD ME: xCeleste I stream MON, TUE, FRI at 3pm PST WIN PRIZES every Thursday at 5PM PST THIS VIDEO IS FOR CREATIVE PURPOSES ONLY | NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED #투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #연준 #YEONJUN"

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